The Outreach Vinyard is located in rolling hills roughly northwest of Ginter's Folly and east of Updraft Valley. It is located on the far frontier of explored and settled lands of Alivast. Aside from well-tended fields of grapes, it has a house and several outbuildings supporting the wine-making activities and for working animals and chickens. The land immediately surrounding the vineyard was cleared of trees when the vineyard was settled. Now the cleared land that isn't planted with grapes or used in another fashion is populated with young birch trees and thick brush that has sprung up in the years since the original logging.

The Unexpectables were passing through the area and arrived just in time to save the vintners from a trio of hill giants preparing to stew them in a pot.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Lorraine Kent, a woman in working clothes, wife to Sheldon
  • Sheldon Kent, a smartly dressed man with a monocle, husband to Lorraine

Because of the threat of more giants arriving, the Kents loaded what they could into a wagon.  They had a substantial collection of vintage wines, some truly ancient, and not just their own label.  After loading up what they could they fled to Alivast with it after gifting the party two bottles as a reward.

  • One stout, fat bottle of Dwarven whiskey 
  • One bottle of Kracken Wine which has an elaborate kracken etched into the glass.  Made by a group of drow pirates who gave up piracy to make fine liquor.

They also gifted a barrel of wine to The Sweet Dragon, making them the only tavern in the lower district to serve their brand.

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