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Phantom Limb Steerva is the leader of a small group of goblin traders who refer to her as Mistress or Queen with the title "Servant to the Dragons, Maiden of Goblins". She is a bugbear with brownish fur, and a literal "phantom" limb, in that her left arm is in fact spectral, but does not feel as if it is any different from a normal limb.

According to her goblin followers, she collects magical items, specifically magical bird statues. She also has her goblins help travellers and to have them report back on her follower's helpfulness. The Unexpectables heard of her through her traders and were invited to meet her, but declined due to a previous obligation for the Alivastian Army. They later met Steerva whilst out attempting to recruit Anje.

She apparently controls a fairly settled camp with surround sound drums.

Personality Edit

Phantom Limb Steerva is a typical bugbear in that she is gruff and shows a bit of a mean streak. She is however, an intense and rigorous businesswoman, who is very insistent on selling wares that will be used to people that will use them, as opposed to having their artifacts taken and studied.

She is also very proud of her Bird statue collection, and is loathe to part with any of them.

Relationships Edit

Slearm Edit

Steerva is Slearm's boss. Slearm desperately wishes to please her by improving his rating.

Nerasmun Collective Edit

While she is not allowed into the city of Alivast, she doesn't appear to be terribly interested in doing business there as a result of the Nerasmun Collective, who she believes hoards magic items for poor reasons and sells them to Nobles who won't use them.

Trivia Edit

  • Her followers mentioned that the dragon she used to serve is long dead when Task asked about her title.
  • Both Steerva and Scarbles have the title of Mistress. This honorific appears significant to goblins.
  • Steerva's art was the very first official piece of Unexpectables art that CitricKing was tasked with, but was held
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