Background[edit | edit source]

Pine Cricket is one of the main characters of the Time Cleaver one-shot alongside Rocca, Swoop, and Krixia. He is a Druid who was once a member of a larger clan, but was exiled for reasons private to himself. Eventually, he found himself in Alivast, living in the forest near Balton Village. Due to his proximity to the town, he has offered to do volunteer work like everyone who lives within the village walls.

Pine Cricket has remained an important and well respected member of the druidic district of Alivast, commended by the Council for his work.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like most druids, Pine values and respects nature greatly. However, he seems to have a "savage" side that he takes little care to control. He has no qualms with eating sapient creatures like orcs, especially if they damage the local ecosystem. His fighting style makes use of animal transformations and reflects his attitudes, with his preferred form being that of a bear. Pine is very protective of the nearby forests and the people of Balton Village will ask travelers to leave his territory be.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • itmeJP considers Pine Cricket to be "the best named character in D&D history." Monty admits to laughing when she first heard it.
  • Pine resembles Adam Contini.
  • He was mentioned in the main game when the party was travelling through Balton Village in Episode 65 / Podcast 53. They were informed that he was very protective of the nearby forests.
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