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Pitch is part of the Bladefoot Pirates, though his exact role and duties are unknown. What is known is that Pitch is a very flamboyant man with a distinct style. He is a handsome man with immaculately styled hair, short, angular beard, and lithe physique. He wears a leopard-print suit, a broad hat with ostrich feather plumes, curly-toed boots, and carries a cane with a flamingo headpiece. He also constantly carries a chihuahua that seems oblivious to its surroundings and its owner's posturing, but is apparently content to act as an accessory to Pitch's ensemble. In addition to his cane and chihuahua, he also carries a feathered fan that he uses to great effect as a prop.

Pitch's every movement and word spoken exude flash and style. He walks with an exaggerated sway of his hips and when standing still strikes a pose that commands attention even when stationary.

Pitch (and his chihuahua) somehow managed to avoid being cast in with the other pirates by Stormbeard's Storm Coatl servants. When Borky asked him how he did this he slyly said, "Well, a man can lie, can't he?"

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Borky Edit

When Borky taunted one of his guards in the brig of The Talon, his display of bravado caused the men to summon Pitch. Pitch immediately selected Borky to be his fighter in The Top Deck fighting arena, and did not regret that decision when Borky won handily, earning his new promoter a bag of cash. As Pitch's new cash cow, Borky earned a private room, but remained a prisoner.

In an awkward (for Borky) misunderstanding, Pitch interpreted the orc's concern for Starlight's comfort to be a request for her personal company and he delivered her to Borky's new quarters with a bottle of wine, bouquet of roses, and an encouraging thumbs-up gesture.

When on Rune's Rest their relationship soured a bit when Borky asked if he could eat Pitch's dog. Pitch told him that he would rip his head off if he did, and said it in such a calm and matter-of-fact manner that Borky was a little scared.

Trivia Edit

  • Panic has not met Pitch, but has seen him from a distance. He is envious of the man's outfit and is practically in awe of his swagger.
  • Scarlet doesn't like Pitch. She told Panic that he's mean to her.
  • Pitch honors Tel-Intura, god of dumb luck and gambling.
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