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Pleasures Adrift is a ship in Canary's Perch that's owned by Rufus Crumblebum and serves as a satellite facility for The Romansion. It sits in a neutral ground between the city's gangs and doesn't battle for influence with the Fishers, the Roughskins, or The Storm's Convergence. The facility is used as a proving ground for new escorts, and all but a few Romansion employees were evaluated there before they could work at the facility. Job openings for Pleasures Adrift tend to be posted in Alivast or Tracadia Capital, the idea being to let employees prove that they are trustworthy and can keep customers' secrets safe before they are posted to larger establishments where they could potentially have access to sensitive information. Certain escorts from the mainland are brought in to evaluate the newer employees and determine which are not a good fit. If they wish to transfer into the larger facility in Alivast, employees at Pleasures Adrift undergo specialized training such as guard duty, massages, waitering/waitressing, cleaning, ledger-keeping and other things a bit more exclusive to the Romansion. Pleasure's Adrift has its own guards to keep peace in the facility and protect its employees. The facility has plush velvet carpeting, and serves fruity drinks with little umbrellas.
  • Zeus (Temporarily)
  • Princess (Temporarily)
  • Zerlina - An exceedingly beautiful lionfish triton escort and a favorite of Pierce

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