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Princess is a female Tabaxi who is employed as an escort and spa attendant at the Romansion. She resembles a persian cat and her hair is tied up with ribbons and bows.

She is well versed in caring for Kenku customers and preening their feathers.

Princess was part of the group of escorts sent to Canary's Perch to train new escorts, possibly charged with keeping the male escorts in order.

Relations Edit

Greckles Edit

"You don't want to mess with that cat scratch fever!" ~ Greckles

Greckles chose Princess as his spa attendant and masseuse over Crystal and, oddly enough, The Straightforward Good Time. She provided him with feather and talon care specific to Kenku. Greckles specifically requested her as one of his four escorts to take care of his other needs during his stay on the third floor of the Romansion.

Trivia Edit

  • Princess interjects 'nyah' at times when she speaks. This is the Japanese/Eastern Islander word for the sound a cat makes.
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