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Professor Rumblefungus is a gnomish wizard and academician living in the Middle Arcane District of Alivast. He specializes in the field of soul crystals.

The Unexpectables first met him while questioning in regards to a string of mysterious murders in Alivast, due his history two of the victims.

Despite being considered both a suspect and possible at risk person due to his connection to the other victims, Professor Rumblefungus seemed mostly unconcerned and at ease, as well as genuinely helpful to The Unexpectables.

After the murders were solved, Professor Rumblefungus visited The Sweet Dragon along with Brorc Bronze-Fang to deliver rewards for the aid rendered by The Unexpectables.

The professor's appearance is that of a gnome sporting a comically-large pair of glasses and pointed beard, wearing a fine coat with coattails of a garish purple color.

Relations Edit

Artimus and Dullmar Edit

Professor Rumblefungus briefly partnered with Artimus and Dullmar on the group project to create life through arcane means. He exited the project shortly after starting though, due to concerns from the Hoketh clergy and the decision to not use soul crystals as a method of life creation for the project.

Trivia Edit

  • Many of The Unexpectables have trouble pronouncing Professor Rumblefungus' name. Some examples include Bumblefungus, Rumblebumble, and Bumblebee. Borky in particular finds the name to be hilarious.
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