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A pug of unknown origin and multi-dimensional abilities. He was once sealed inside a box in a temple of Oreyara. However, Pug escaped when Krixia Lor, Rocca Atan, Pine Cricket, and Swoop freed him while protecting the temple from Coastal Orc raiders. Pug later resurface at the Deep Woods settlement near Alivast with the intent of creating a dog army.

During their travels the Unexpectables ran afoul of Pug when they fell under the influence of his "dog zone" and were all turned into dogs. Pug was overjoyed to have them join his growing dog army, however the Unexpectables were less than thrilled.

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The Unexpectables Edit

Pug once considered the Unexpectables to be prime candidates for his dog army. The Unexpectables as a whole considered Pug to be an over powered nuisance.

Krixia, Rocca, Pine, and Swoop Edit

Pug mentions these four when explaining to the Unexpectables where he came from, but he doesn't know their names or why they were at the temple of Oreyara in the first place. He refers to them as "silly individuals," but aside from that seems to care little about them.

Trivia Edit

Pug Symbol fan art by Deedah

Pug Symbol fan art by Deedah

  • Pug initially explains his intent as a plan to make a "new dog army," implying he had one in the past.
  • Some of the players have alluded that Monty might have come up with the campaign surrounding Pug and his dog zone while she was on pain medication.
  • After being told that he is a "good boy," Pug exploded. Due to his arcane and unpredictable nature, it is not known whether this was fatal.
  • Pug is implied to have once wreaked havoc in Balton Village, as many of the townsfolk knew of "the pug," but refused to elaborate on it.
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