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"Things are about to get interesting!" ~ Raghu

Raghu (pronounced Rah-hoo) is an Almon clergyman from Ruba. He is fairly tall and wears a turban. His mustache and beard are well groomed and is dressed as a scribe with a few bits of armor. He also wears a holy symbol of Almon and has many, many scrolls about his person. Despite his obviously academic nature, he looks quite familiar with life on the road and his appearance shows the dust and dirt of travel, as well as having sun-baked skin, even for a man with darker complexion like himself.

Prior to his arrival in Alivast, he was to be the lore-master and historian of a corrupt sultan in Ruba, before he was whisked away by a Brass Dragon to tell him stories for years on end before finally releasing him. He found (or was found by) Azra Sahar, and began the arduous work of chronicling her tales of heroism ever since.

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Raghu is quite friendly and greatly amused by the actions of Azra Sahar, which considering her personality makes him supremely easy-going.

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Azra Sahar Edit

Borky and Raghu fan art by @RasilaTommi

Raghu is perhaps the only person interested in hearing Borky's hag-skull goblet story fan art by @RasilaTommi.

Raghu was part of Azra's retinue along with Huxley when she came to Alivast.

Initially, Sahar didn't care much for him following her everywhere, to the point that she once tied him to a pole and left him there. He cut himself free and since then she has mostly regarded him with indifference.

Panic Edit

Raghu and Panic both enjoyed the spectacle of Azra's chaotic entrance into Alivast and were content to watch and laugh as events unfolded rather than take action to calm the situation.

Helga Edit

Raghu attempted to use his charms to woo free drinks out of Helga when he was visiting the Sweet Dragon. She shut him down.

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