Background[edit | edit source]

Ragis Cade is a Paladin of the United Clergy of Orun. He was sent as part of a group to Alivast seeking a rogue member of the clergy.

He is missing his left eye.

It is later discovered that Ragis Cade personally oversaw the training of the rogue cleric in question, which may explain why he was included with the group to Alivast.

He has the reputation as the "Slayer of the Shadow Lich Dragon" for his role commanding the armies that defeated a dracolich. He has a reputation as having a gift for leading people in combat and making them fight for a cause.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

The United Clergy of Orun[edit | edit source]

Ragis Cade is a member of the United Clergy of Orun and part of their expedition to Alivast to retrieve the wayward Solly. According to Hellina, both she and Diella were silenced and chastised by Viantius and Ragis when they tried to speak or ask questions.

The Unexpectables mock Ragis Cade while in lockup. Fan comic by @BatteryBatty

The Unexpectables[edit | edit source]

The Unexpectables encountered Ragis in Alivast and led him and other United Clergy fanatics on a crazy cart chase through the city (Episode 18: Initial DnD) nearly killing him in the process. During the short time they were locked up in nearby cells following the chase, they taunted him and his comrades mercilessly. At the time they did not know the specifics of his history with Solly. Now that they do, if they meet him again things won't be so friendly.

Solliandris[edit | edit source]

Ragis' "training" of Solly was little more than brutal indoctrination and abuse that left her scarred both physically and mentally. Solly is the reason why Ragis has only one eye. He is a figure of absolute terror in her life. After Solly let a drow mother and child escape one of the United Cergy's genocidal campaigns, Ragis Cade branded her as a punishment. After another infraction a few years later he attempted the same torture, however, Solly found an opening and burned out his eye with a red-hot poker. It is common knowledge that she put out his eye, and this is used as evidence that she is a failure and weak despite her divine heritage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is one of the most hated characters in the series, and considering the characters that's some pretty stiff competition
  • Since having his eye put out by Solly, he has used this similarity to images of Orun to his advantage
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