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Victor "Rat" Quibbles is a half-elf bard that The Unexpectables first encountered in the Tracadian city of Fort Barcelette as an "unofficial" member of the Moonkite circus working odd-jobs. He is quite notorious in Barcelette as a magnet for causing trouble, or at least being present when it begins. He joins the party in their quest to find the man known as Pilchard, after they chased off some small-time criminals who were holding him up for yet another of his misadventures. He acted as a local guide, and the experiences that follow would allow for him to get his feet wet as an adventurer.

Personality Edit

Rat is a cheerful and upbeat type who has a rather romantic view of adventuring. He is a fan of epic tales and feats of derring-do, all of which he has read about and quotes with shocking precision whenever a situation reminds him of a particular story.

He is also painfully idealistic, believing the best in everyone around him, including those who obviously wish him harm. Given a choice he will always advocate for peaceful negotiation before violence, at least when it comes to sentient creatures. However, if talks break down, he is more than capable of engaging in a fight.

He has a terrible penchant for mischief, intentional or otherwise, and is quite ignorant or dismissive of any negative comments or consequences of his actions. He generally claims to be everyone's friend, though the actual list is likely to be very short outside of The Unexpectables. 

Relationships Edit

Rat detail by @JoCat105

Detail of Rat's outfit by @JoCat105

Borky Edit

Rat seems quite interested in Borky's rambling stories of his accomplishments. When he compares a situation to fiction he's read, Borky is quite interested in the outcome. Unfortunately while Rat has read a lot of books, it appears he has finished very few of them.

Greckles Edit

Greckles advocated for Rat's inclusion in their quest, but is a little nervous about what he sees is a lack of caution in Rat, despite the bard's excellent ability at deception.

Panic Edit

Rat practically fawns over Panic when the tiefling recounts of some of his deeds. Panic, surprisingly, has not overblown his accomplishments any more than usual, and in fact enjoys his company, as Rat in a sense reminds Panic of himself as a young bard.

Task Edit

Task, like Greckles, is a bit bemused by Rat's lack of caution, though he is used to putting up with much worse from the rest of the crew.

Clay Edit

Clay is one of the two people in the convoy Rat attempted to flirt with, with far more success than he did Courtney. Clay found his new dimunitive, awkward (and severe clumsiness) and confident companion cute, though he had to save his life more than once due mishaps along the road. Their relationship was slightly hampered by the complete lack of context for romance in Goliath culture, but by the end of The Unexpectables journey in Tracadia, the two had become a couple.

The Populace of Fort Barcelette Edit

The people of Fort Barcelette know him almost on an individual basis. Despite what Rat himself may think, almost nobody thinks of him as anything more than trouble, being quite exasperated with his penchant for causing mischief in a short amount of time. For his part, while he considers most of the people his friend, he does find them rather stuck up, and finds their prejudices repugnant.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a whistle shaped like a raven. It isn't magic, though.
  • He has a notable scar on his back due to being stabbed during a bar-brawl.
  • JoCat has commented that he intentionally made Rat the most obviously stereotypical Bard he could make him.
  • MontyGlu described Rat as the "easiest character to bring into the game," since JoCat had already made his character sheet only a couple hours after being asked if he would join.
  • The little metal discs on his waist jingle like a tambourine when he stamps his feet while performing. This is fairly similar to what Romani people wear during traditional dances.
  • He has been stricken with Lycanthropy twice: once in combat, the other as a result of attempting to appeal to a werewolf's better nature. Thankfully, he was treated both times.
  • JoCat has a video series called A Crap Guide, where he explains how to play games in a comedic manner. The Youtube upload of Episode 87, "A Crap Guide to Tracadia" is a reference to this series.

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  • Rat by @JoCat105
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