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Rauul is an elven Druid is the protector of the Briar's Glen forest and Mother Tree near the town of Dragon's Take. Her first encounter with the Unexpectables is when Greckles threw a dart at her owl form while she observed their trek into Briar's Glen. As she has been apart from people for quite a long time, she is a bit socially awkward and does not how to handle herself around others.

Rauul fan art by @Fenrir Lives

Rauul fan art by @Fenrir_Lives

She is very old, even for an Elf. Her eyes are a yellowish pearlescent color, which turn very yellow when she turns into an owl or an eagle. Her pure white hair is nearly floor length. Her lithe form is clothed in a long robe-like white garments. She wields a large wooden staff that has ivy growing and dangling from it.

She requested the Unexpectables send word to the druids of Alivast in hopes of training an apprentice to succeed her as the Mother Tree's caregiver.

She is able to use her Wildshape ability to transform into both an owl and a pure white giant eagle.

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Greckles Edit

Raul isn't very fond of Greckles since he threw two darts at her without being provoked. After the Unexpectables defeated Raunfalt, she rewards him with flowers growing where nipples would be, which eventually served as the namesake of Gripples.

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