Redmond Bell is an ambassador for the country of Eltmur, who resides in the City of Alivast. He is a man of indeterminate age with a very handsome, genuine-looking face who wears a deep red, almost purplish robe and has his hair combed back into a neat ponytail.

Redmond gave Alivast a large statue of The Silver King, which was located in the Mid Arcana District, alongside several other statues, but has since been removed. It is unknown if it was animated by Dullmar (and thus destroyed upon his defeat), moved or removed.

Ambassador Bell was one of the four judges at the cooking competition for Alivast's Harvest Festival the

first year the party was in the city. Other than Aila, he was the judge that gave the lowest scores.

On the first day of winter, Redmond stopped by The Sweet Dragon to thank them for clearing out the Eltmur Royalists, but unfortunately had no other reward to give them.


The Silver KingEdit

Eltmur is a prominent country in the Alton region. The Silver King assumed leadership after killing the leaders of the oppressive and expansionist monarchy. The new dragon ruler is viewed as a reformer and liberator for many Eltmur people. According to Redmond, the Silver King is known to protect sensitive information.

Trivia Edit

  • Redmond signed off on The Unexpectables clear criminal record, though he was certain it would have passed without his influence
  • For some reason, Redmond hesitated to shake Borky's hand.
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