Rey the Paladin Edit

Rey was the leader and local hero of Everbright, as well as a paladin of Avan. Rey was killed by the thief that attacked Wolf's Den. Rather than relent and surrender, Rey fought until exhaustion and when she could fight no longer, the thief beheaded her and took her head with him, leaving her body behind.

Rey originally came to Everbright village in response to attacks on the village by local threats, including a half-ogre who had killed several hunters. Rey was significantly powerful, capable of besting the threats to Everbright on her own, but also possessed a merciful side as one would expect of a paladin. Many people admired Rey for her sympathetic nature and strong resolve.

Relationships Edit

Gorb Edit

During her stationing in Everbright Rey came to befriend the half-ogre Gorb, who lived on the nearby mountain. In exchange for good behaviour Rey gave the half-ogre presents in the form of mundane trinkets and magical items. Rey also taught Gorb about the strength and glory of Avan, her god.

Brorc Bronze-Fang Edit

Upon meeting the Unexpectables for the first time, Brorc confesses his admiration for Rey's nature, and reveals that the two trained together before coming to Alivast. Rey was a good friend to Brorc.

Doros and Stendin Edit

Doros and Stendin were sent to Everbright to conduct a proper burial for Rey, as well as enlist Gorb into the clergy as a possible new paladin. Rey trained with them. Doros stopped at Rey's grave while making his way up Everbright Mountain while pursuing The Silver King to rescue Willow.

Trivia Edit

  • The Unexpectables knew Rey only by reputation. She died before they had a chance to meet her.
  • According to Gorb, Rey often told him that he was a good friend.
  • Gorb buried Ray along the path that leads up Everbright Mountain.
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