"Little, tiny, adorable. Want to squish cheeks like cheese." - Helga

Robin Bwakkaw is a young Kenku living in Alivast with her family. She works as a courier, delivering messages and items, assumeably to help raise money for her family.

She and her family are from the Orange Isle, a region of the Eastern Isles that was devastated by angered spirits, causing many to flee. After settling in Alivast, she briefly served as a waitress in her father's re-established restaurant before being hired as a courier by the city.

Robin is occasionally clumsy or forgetful, as she both tripped over her own feet and forgot to hand off an item she was meant to deliver for a few minutes before recalling the item.

Robin first met The Unexpectables when Brorc Bronze-Fang sent her to deliver a message to them after they solved a series of murders.


Family Edit

Robin lives in the lower district of Alivast with her family, which includes her father, aunt, brother, and sister. Her father, Mr. Bwakkaw, is a a Rooster Kenku and local cook, who serves as the head chef of Tiger Restaurant. Her aunt is a Flamingo Kenku, and her sister is a Woodpecker Kenku, and her brother is a rooster Kenku who helps Mr. Bwakkaw cook. Initially, her father was not receptive to her desire to work outside the family business, but lightened up after she managed to land a job under Brorc.


  • Robin delivered some mail to the Sweet Dragon while the Unexpectables were away.
  • Robin was named by her mother, presumably after the bird she resembles.
  • Worked as a waitress in the Tiger Restaurant.
  • Robin and her family used to live in the Orange Isles, which is currently haunted by spirits for a while.
  • Robin makes painted fans as a hobby and sold them at the Harvest Festival. Task bought one with a golden dragon, Borky one with a Samurai, Greckles one with a Sakura tree, and Panic one with a chrysanthemum pattern.
  • In episode 36, Welch said he and Robin were working together again, implying Brorc gave her job back.
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