Rocca Atan, the Half-Elf Cleric Edit

Rocca is Cleric of the Hoketh Clergy and one of the main characters of the Time Cleaver one-shot alongside Swoop, Krixia, and Pine. The son of a human woman named Mora and elf man, Rocca had an unremarkable chldhood with an absent father. When Rocca was 11, he suffered a near-death experience while lost in the woods, but was healed by a Hoketh priest. He's since devoted himself to the clergy that saved him, and has sworn to never again be a victim.

He's capable of healing wounds and dealing necrotic damage through touch.

Personality Edit

Rocca has an attitude hardened by his brush with death, staving off his own fears and inhibitions in order to protect others. He believes death to be a natural part of life; to prevent someone's death is a success, but if someone does die, they are at least no longer suffering. Still, he does what he can to prevent people from dying needlessly before their time comes.

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Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Bike Man was going to play a wild magic sorcerer in the Time Cleaver instead of Ezekiel. However, he was unable to participate due to illness. In reference to this, Ezekiel named his character an elvish phrase that translates to "Wheel man," since there's no elvish word that means "bicycle."
  • Ezekiel got about halfway through reading Rocca's backstory before admitting he "wrote too much" and summarizing everything that was left.
  • Ezekiel has expressed confusion as to why necromancy is considered a mockery of death, but resurrection isn't.
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