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The Sands of Ruba are a far-away, arid land of sandy deserts and deep mysteries and even deeper riches, with no real way to know which is true and which is false. What is generally known of Ruba is that it was supposedly built on top of one of the greatest dragon hordes ever gathered, one need only look under the dangerous sands for it.

For a period of time, Ruba was ruled under a corrupt sultanate, and was terrorized by him and his slaver army; the Black Chains, who wished to exploit the land for all of it's riches and resources. The Chains were ruthless, taking the elves first, then the Thri-Kreen, then made their way to the seaside, where they faced the Redscale Kobolds, where they made their last stand. Most were slain, but the Southern clan made the fight as vicious and as difficult as possible, but before the battle, an Elder Kobold stole away a clutch of eggs and half their numbers forever creating a rift between Ruban and Iron-Oath Kobolds as they were finally beaten and thrown into chains. From this slavery of the Redscale Kobolds, came the legendary warrior Azra Sahar, who found a hidden gem deep within a mine, and began a great revolution to destroy the Black Chains, free her comrades and all affected by the Chains, and finally slay the corrupt sultan, which she succeeded to the degree that even any whispers of the Black Chains possible resurgence is snuffed out brutally.

Currently, Ruba is ruled by the Sultan's son.

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  • Uromajister said that when the Black Chains came through Ruba they killed most of the redscale kobolds there.
  • Brass Dragons live in Ruba, and are called "Chatty Dragons" by the populace. They seem fairly benign, but can abduct people abruptly to converse with them.
  • Dragonborn are few and far between in Ruba.
  • Hoketh clerics in Ruba tend to operate independently. They're the chaotic neutral of Hoketh Clerics and go where the wind takes them and where the corpses stink the most, they really don't follow leaders unless its by their own volition.
  • Yogurt originated in Ruba
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