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The owner of the Romansion. His employees state that he believes in accommodating the specific needs of all races at his business by having his employees trained in how to care for kenku feathers and kobold or lizardfolk scales among other skills.

Crumblebum owns several other business operations that provide similar services as the Romansion. This includes an enormous pleasure yacht called the Love Boat featuring a swan figurehead with wings that sweep back along its sides. It is incredibly tacky. It occasionally docks in Alivast's harbor. He also owns a large resort in Tracadia as well as Pleasures Adrift.

Rufus Crumblebum prides himself on protecting his customers and employees privacy as well as their safety. Certain locations are more preferable postings because of increased pay, benefits, and prestige. Others, like Pleasures Adrift, serve as a place where the clientele is not as discerning or prestigious and newer employees that haven't proven themselves trustworthy with their customer's information and secrets can be evaluated. A common misconception is that Pleasures Adrift and other facilities like it provide sub-standard services, where in reality they are a proving ground for how trustworthy employees are before they can transfer into job sites where they might have more exposure to sensitive information.

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Romansion Employees Edit

His employees regard him with respect, implying that he is a decent boss at the very least.

Trivia Edit

  • Panic wanted to perform in the lounge, but was told that he would have to ask Mr. Crumblebum for permission.
  • Rufus Crumblebum personally chooses the performers for the stage in the second floor lounge.
  • He is the producer of the opera The Phantom and the Soldier
  • He refunded the opera ticket costs for The Unexpectables after the pirate incident with an apology for the poor security.
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