Background Edit

A small, rugged island over the horizon from the Alivast mainland.

It is barren and uninhabited but a giant set of steps lead to its apex where a simple open-air temple houses a massive runestone.

At some point the Bladefoot Pirates discovered the island and christened it "Talon's Rest" to serve as their base of operations and a place to store their loot. Unknown to them, their presence disturbed the soul resting in the runestone.

Centuries ago, Stormbeard aided a human coastal village and the residents thought that the best way to thank him was to sacrifice a young girl to the sea. The horrified Stormbeard arrived too late and found the girl on the verge of death from hypothermia. As penance for allowing such a tragedy, he placed the girl's fading soul into a runestone and called upon Uspa to learn her greatest wish which he vowed to fulfill one day. Her wish was to go to a stone city, wear a beautiful gown, and see an opera. Stormbeard did not know what an opera was at the time, but over the centuries he learned, and when he caught the Bladefoot Pirates desecrating Rune's Rest, he demanded an opera to help the girl's soul finally find peace.

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