Salvador is a mysterious character, being described as wearing a cloak that covers all but the end of his beak.

Background Edit

When Greckles first saw Salvador, it is revealed that Salvador hails from, "the sands, where the corpses flow like water." As he was one of the three fighters that his human employer had hired before their fight with the Unexpectables, he clearly has a lot of experience in fight clubs.

According to Halla, Salvador's legal occupation is as "an undertaker or something." Since he's from the Ruba, he is outside the regular hierarchy of the Hoketh Clergy in Alivast led by Aila.


Halla, Silence, and Vel Rock-FistEdit

Salvador is an ally of these three, as they are all employed by the human who previously owned Hassrad's brother's knife. While they seem to fight well together, it is unknown whether or not their relationship is more than simply being employed by the same person.


  • Mel has stated that she is wanted by clerics of Hoketh, the same god that Salvador apparently worships.
  • Task stated that he may be related to necromancy in some way, but it is never revealed if that is true. However, because of the Hoketh cleric's disdain for necromancy, (shown in their pursuing of Mel) it is unlikely that Salvador has anything to do with that type of magic.
  • During a conversation with Task at the Sweet Dragon, Salvador states that he and Halla had taken a job from their quest board, specifically a job that the Unexpectables could have taken themselves, had they not chosen to clear the spider infestation instead.
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