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Scratch is the pseudonym of an African Gray Parrot Kenku who is a member of the Musical Menagerie in Alivast. Scratch was first seen acting as the gatekeeper for the Menagerie, only letting people in if they knew the secret knock and presented their registered stage name. As a musician, Scratch has totally devoted himself to the Kenku art of sound mimicry, to the point where he only speaks in borrowed voices. He's developed the skill to distort and rearrange the sounds and voices he copies into new remixed forms.

Scratch draws huge crowds when he performs in the lower districts.

Relationships Edit

The Unexpectables Edit

Upon witnessing Scratch's affinity for mimicry, Greckles immediately took a liking to him, sharing sounds from his homeland for Scratch to use in his music. Scratch enjoyed Greckles' company and showed off samples of his work. Later the group instigated an impromptu jam session and Scratch was quick to pitch in.

Trivia Edit

  • Scratch is the first Kenku in the setting to speak entirely with copied sounds, though this is due to personal choice.
  • Scratch has played at the Romansion with Xarv and Sage.
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