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[Editor's Note: Seika is his given name and his surname Kurayami is said first as is traditional in many cultures.]

Kurayami Seika is a noble in the service of Master Kai, lord of the Acolytes of the Phoenix and holds a place of honor in his court in the elemental plane of fire.

His entire body is wreathed in flame in a mixture of oranges and yellows. His hair is lin a loose ponytail and flickers and waves like blue fire and a similar blue fire emanates from his eyes and mouth. His skin has the appearance of a dark rock and his face is like a mask carved from the smooth stone.

His clothing has no equivalent to material plane cultures and consists of loose pants, almost like a split skirt, a white shirt with silken sleeves and a vest with ornamentation resembling the wings of a phoenix. His only weapon is a tantō tucked into his waistband.

Personality[edit | edit source]

While he is a respected member of this extra-planar organization and quite knowledgeable about the elemental planes, his familiarity with the material plane is very limited and he is often baffled by simple things such as customs, material plane biology, or some of the basic rules of nature that do not hold true in his home realm of fire. He is polite to a fault and simply smiles an otherworldly grin when he is confused rather than risk embarrassing those around him. The more confused he is, the wider his grin, to the point that his eyes practically disappear into slits when dealing with some people.

His primary motivation is to serve Master Kai and extends this to his son as he sees his duty to his lord as indistinguishable to his duty to his home plane and the good of all.

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Greckles[edit | edit source]

Greckles Backstory Spoilers
Seika was sent to the material plane with the mission to find Tobikage, the true name of Greckles. He treats Greckles with utmost respect and refers to him as Denka Tobikage which is the equivalent of calling him "prince". He shows Greckles such great respect because Seika says that his lord, Master Kai, is Greckles' father.

Greckles and Seika both speak Auran and share a lot of culture between them, and even know many of the same people. Greckles calls Seika by his surname an an honorific "Kurayami-san" as a token of respect that is appropriate to their shared culture. Seika is fiercely protective of Greckles' safety and says he is the "Hero of Legend".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • MontyGlu recruited Mark Allen, Jr. when she wanted a guest who spoke reasonably fluent Japanese, had a good understanding of Dungeons and Dragons, and had a schedule that could accommodate the streams. A mean goth friend paused her merciless torment of Monty long enough to suggest contacting the friend of Bosco who had helped him write a letter in formal Japanese that was featured in Episode 117 / Podcast 104: Bird Business.
  • Mark Allen, Jr. has a degree in Japanese and at one time held a rating of N2, though he admits he is very rusty due to not using it enough.
  • The primordial language of auran is represented in-game by Japanese.

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