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Serindaru is a fey creature with ice-based abilities who takes the form of a dragon made of pink crystals of ice. This being takes residence in a small ice palace resting on the summit of the mountain overlooking Pugu Village. They are worshiped and given offerings by the people of the village. On one occasion was fed an offering that was treated with a concoction that lulled them into a deep sleep. While helpless most of their magic was stolen by the chief's son Lawrence in the from of a scepter. In a state of rapidly declining health, Serindaru froze the village and sent polar bears to find the thief. Before the bears could reach Lawrence, however, he was rescued by The Unpredictables, who he then decieved and led up the mountain to try to kill Serindaru. After dispatching their yeti bodyguard Maurice, Serindaru reveled from inside a protective glass sphere why they froze the village. Afterward, the Unpredictables turned against Lawrence, killing him and returning Serindaru's magic. The fey then returned to their full strength, giving their thanks to the four adventurers, creating an ice slide for them to descend the mountain on and granting Aussir Lawrence's body to cook and eat.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Serindaru translates to "Ice Serpent" in Sylvian
  • Serindaru is not a dragon, despite resembling one
  • The blueprints for the glass sphere Serindaru retreated into while in declining health was located in the longhouse at Pugu Village.
  • Serindaru's name is a nod to Seiyaryu Monty's favourite childhood Yu-Gi-Oh card
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