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Silence is a rogue who fights in the Crimson Pit for the same employer as Salvador and Vel Rock-Fist. He is described as a elf male with blue eyes and the word "Silence" tattooed on one cheek.

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Shadow Edit

Silence has the same style of cheek tattoo as Shadow, only while hers reads as "Shadow" his reads as "Silence."

Trivia Edit

  • Silence's character sheet was made by Monty's DnD Teacher, King in Yellow, due to Monty's busy schedule caused by forest fires
  • Silence had Ball bearings, but never used them in combat (Due to Monty forgetting they existed)
  • At one point during the battle with the Unexpectables, Silence stabbed Borky specifically in the butt. Because of this, and the jokes that the players made about this encounter, fans often call Silence, "The Butt-Stabber."
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