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Skulk is a drow teenager who was once part of the Hellbent Smugglers that were holed up in the ruins beneath the Sweet Dragon. She had been convinced by the yagnoloth that ran the smuggling ring that he would bring back her deceased mother if she scribed 10,000 necromancy scrolls for him. When the ring was broken up, she was taken into custody and eventually was assigned to Doros' squad as a Junior Officer as part of her reformation program. At this time her duties with the guard consist of observing their work and taking notes on a clipboard, which due to her only knowing undercommon are simply drawings of what she sees. She's at a bit of a loss since much of her arcane knowledge is considered illegal in Alivast. Despite her age, she can access potent spells and Frank credited her with figuring out how to manipulate and program the massive rune that created the illusionary ghosts in the basement of the Sweet Dragon.

She has white hair in a mohawk with the sides cropped short rather than shaved completely and wears necromancers robes because they're the only clothes she has. Her familiar is a gazer named Peeping Tom.

Personality Edit

Skulk fan art by @Junkbot3k

Skulk fan art by @Junkbot3k

Skulk is fairly soft spoken and comes across as mildly anti-social. She seems to be more comfortable talking to her gazer familiar than other people. She enjoys spiders, much like any girl her age enjoys cute things.


Panic Edit

When Skulk was introduced to the Unexpectables by her guard co-workers, Panic was able to communicate with her via a spell he had prepared. The two commented that they liked each other's fashion sense. However when Panic offered for her to come down to the Sweet Dragon whenever she needed to talk, Skulk gave him a confused look and declared that he was weird.

Trivia Edit

  • When the smuggling ring was broken up, Skulk had completed 2761 scrolls out of the required 10,000. Among them were spells such as speak with dead, gentle repose, false life, and detect thoughts among others. Of these detect thoughts was one of the most highly restricted of the bunch.
  • Skulk also cast animate dead to create zombies in an attempt to fight off the adventurers that captured her.
  • At Willow and Doros's wedding, Skulk was the one to catch the bridal bouquet.
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