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Snowflower is a Golliath druid who lived in the Northlands 50 years before The Unexpectables arrived in The City of Alivast. He is voiced and played by SiggyKuu.

Snowflower has dark grey skin and light teal eyes without pupils. He wears a large black cape with a blue fuzzy trim around his neck, a black turtleneck, and equally dark pants and shoes. He is also the wielder of the Plunger of Wonder.

He is generally taciturn, but comes to life when around other people he finds entertaining.

Prior to his life as an adventurer, he lived a solitary existence in the mountains tending his garden. One day, his garden was vandalized by travelers, and this enraged Snowflower so much that he tracked them down and killed them for the offense. His actions caused him to be labeled a wanted criminal, and now he is forced to wander. He seeks a particular rare flower that isn't native to his home that he once grew in his garden.

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Aussir Edit

Snowflower is a little put off by Aussir's willingness to harm animals for food, but understands this behavior.

Ghost Edit

Snowlfower was already friends with Ghost before they started travelling together. When trekking through deep snow, Snowflower gladly allows Ghost to perch on him to be a lookout.

Valcenien Edit

Snowflower is comfortable allowing the gnome to ride on his shoulders when the snow is too deep for him to travel comfortably. At least once, Snowflower has thrown Valcenien like a living grappling hook.

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Trivia Edit

  • Seeing animals hurt saddens Snowflower greatly
  • He likes flowers.
  • He doesn't usually tell anyone, but his real name is Dmitri.

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  • Snowflower casts Flame Blade fan art by @siggykuu
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  • Snowflower art by @Siggykuu
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