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Solar is an Angel of Orun and celestial parent to Solliandris.

In the past he was a figure of dread in Solly's life as his communications were largely making demands of her. After Lys told Solly to "Talk to him in a way you think he'll listen" She yelled at him and demanded that he stop ordering her around and actually help her.

It took a very long time for Solar to respond after that encounter, but he eventually reached out to her and apologized. He gave her four of his feathers and also gifted her with visions of The Sands, The Underbelly, a place of darkness with a single friendly light, and the bottom of a drinking glass in an unknown tavern. It was recently discovered that he gifted one of his feathers to Quarion, who resides frequently within the sewers. Another feather was gifted to Azra Sahar, a legendary warrior hailing from The Sands of Ruba. A third was given to the disgraced Orun paladin Pilchard, who hails from Paraton originally but now resides in Tracadia. The fourth was given to Jerry in the Underdark.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has been described as "one of Orun's zookeepers" by Pilchard. How accurate this is remains to be seen.
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