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Stan is a regular at The Underbelly, a gambler and fight pit manager who frequents the Crimson Pit. The Unexpectables first met him when they agreed to a deal with Hassrad to win a gamble against Stan in exchange for information.

Stan is a consummate follower of Tel-Intura, god of Dumb Luck and Gambling, and as such he vastly enjoys games of chance and taking bets. He seems to prefer making things interesting rather than taking unfair advantages that might make wagers too predictable or one-sided.

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Halla, Salvador, Silence, and Vel Rock-Fist Edit

Stan formed a fight-pit team out of these four but apparently was not a very good manager/employer. Salvador described him as "a piece of shit". and both Halla and Vel moved on out of the underbelly because if they continued in the fight pits they would eventually have to fight Tiengo despite any difference in ability.

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