Stendin was a middle-aged male human Paladin of Avan. Stendin had a shoddy, scattered beard and tossed brown hair. He wore a very impressive set of armor with a sigil on the front.

Stendin was a squad leader of the Alivast City Guard in charge of the Middle Districts. During the Harvest Festival, Ienford mentioned that Stendin and his squad were helping out with policing during the event. Stendin lived in the Avan Temple in the High Clergy District and worked in the Middle Districts. As such, he rarely ran into The Unexpectables, who operate mainly in the lower districts. He acted as a tour guide for the group when they and Remy visited to meet with Brorc and Solly after the Silver King incident.

Stendin's Fate

Episode 114 / Podcast 101 Spoilers
A year before the the Unexpectables stormed the Yugoloth's base, Stendin was kidnapped by Yugoloths. He put up a fight upon being kidnapped, but eventually died in captivity from a combination of his wounds and the poor treatment of the fiends. The Stendin the party first met in Everbright more than a year prior was the real man, but every encounter after that was a fiend disguised as the guard captain.


Stendin was a personable and casual individual despite his rank as Middle Guard Captain. He was known to goof around more than the more anxious Captain Brorc or the silent Captain Doros. Stendin was known to shill the benefits of Avan Clergy employment to temple visitors.



Doros and Stendin had a strong friendship predating their arrival in Alivast. Both paladins left for Everbright when they heard the news about Rey's death and her wayward friend Gorb. Doros had great respect towards Stendin and the two were known to talk a lot together. Stendin thought Doros had a sexy voice and considered it a shame he doesn't speak much.

The Unexpectables and Willow

Due to Stendin's job and restricted city access, Stendin was rarely able to meet up with the Unexpectables and their friends. However, he heard a lot about them and Willow through his friend Doros. Stendin accompanied the party along with Brorc and Doros out for a night of drinking at The Romansion's 2nd floor lounge. He shared with the group that he had never seen Doros get drunk and encouraged them to help make this happen and Borky and Task eagerly cooperated.

A rift in his otherwise friendly relationship with the party formed when he accused them of attacking him in an obviously staged plot. Brorc implied that Stendin was under some kind of mind-controlling magic.

Brorc Bronze-Fang

Stendin was stated to be a good friend of Brorc and showed him due respect as the leader of the city guard.


Three members of Stendin's squad have made appearances and a fourth has been mentioned but not named. Ienford was transferred into the squad during the 5 month time skip, so he is not the unnamed member. Most of whom were present during his funeral at Hoketh's Harrowing, and all greatly respected and found that they would miss their captain dearly.


  • Stendin enjoyed Frotherson beer.
  • He also had no issues partaking of the Romansion's 3rd floor offerings.
  • Stendin loved playing cards, though he was a habitual cheater.
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