"I made something new." ~"Steve"

Steve (formerly Construct 67) was made by Artimus, with the sole purpose of giving tours to people visiting the Middle Arcana District of Alivast. She even stated that she is not able to have an opinion. While Artimus was alive, Construct 67 was only capable of giving a basic tour of the district, and giving information from a relatively small database. However, once Artimus was killed, she started to gain sentience, and is able to think for herself, leading her to take the name, "Steve" as her new identity, and creating things of her own, such as poetry.

It is unclear if Artimus' death was the catalyst for Steve's sentience, though many consider it to at least be a contributing factor. Since the events behind the string of murders in Alivast, it is unclear where "Steve" resides, though they may still be giving tours. Steve has been sighted at least once at The Sweet Dragon, requesting to be allowed to recite poetry there.

Artimus seemed to have built Construct 67 with some self defense capabilities, the construct displaying ability to fire small bolts from their arms when threatened. Steve has also displayed an ability for bardic magic, though it is unclear if this was a built-in function or if it is a result of their newfound sentience.



Artimus is Construct 67's creator. There also seems to be some sort of arcane connection between the two, since Construct 67 started gaining sentience after Artimus was killed. Though incapable of feelings at the time, Construct 67 stated that if they did have feelings, they believed they would feel very sad over his death.

Panic GrimtongueEdit

Construct 67 seems to enjoy Panic's music, once commenting while he played for her that it had a lovely melody, remarking that such was a matter of opinion, but that they now had the ability to form opinions after the death of Artimus.


Construct 67 and Greckles both write poetry, with Construct 67 being especially adamant about hers. Construct 67, however, doesn't care for Greckle's poetry, and has said that to his face.


  • Monty described her as being, "like five-foot-eight," as a rough estimate of her height.
  • As per her runic engravings, she has memorized Artimus' theorems on the nature of constructs.
  • Construct 67/Steve has a mechanism integrated into her arm that can launch small crossbow bolts that she used fighting Stillhavity's children.
  • Runs on Dullmar OS v1.05.0.0
  • MontyGlu uses a 1 Cup measuring cup to create the effect of Steve's voice.
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