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Suplex Thunder is a minor character in the Time Cleaver One Shot. This construct was built by the Oreyara Clergy using schematics provided to them by Artimus. The blueprints were of a combat construct with the intended function of guarding the Sheath, where the Time Cleaver is kept. However, after work was completed, the Construct gained sentience and began to seek out the true nature of love, claiming the name Suplex Thunder. She went about this by flirting with everything in sight and setting up dates with the inhabitants of the temple. Deemed a failure by the clergy, she was stored underground and out of sight. However, she still fulfills her purpose of guarding the reliquary, as in order to enter the main temple, you must claim the "key to her heart" by passing her "four trials of romance."

Suplex Thunder was built for combat, and has weapons for hands, but seems to have no interest in battle.

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Margo Edit

Suplex Thunder seems to believe she and Margo are on good terms, but Margo sees Suplex Thunder as a failure and nuisance.

Trivia Edit

  • Because Suplex Thunder was not built by Artimus personally, she does not have a numerical designation.
  • Suplex Thunder achieved sentience months before Steve (Construct 67), Big Guy (Construct 8), and The Straightforward Good Time (Construct 55) did. It's possible she even preceded Log (Contruct 4) and Might-Crank (Construct 1), but nobody in the temple knows exactly when or how it happened.
  • When Rocca asked Suplex Thunder for a minute to think, Suplex Thunder said "It is bad to keep a girl waiting," implying she identifies as female. However, MontyGlu and Margo refer to Suplex Thunder with masculine pronouns.
  • Their name was chosen from a list of brainstormed names that included: Devastator, Project Destroyer, Annihilator E-67, Ragnarok, Crushfist, Bolt Ironstack, Voidbringer, and Breaker of Armies
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