Swoop, the Kenku Ranger Edit

Swoop is one of the main characters of the Time Cleaver one-shot campaign alongside Krixia, Pine, and Rocca. An accomplished sharp-shot, Swoop is one of the townspeople assigned to guard duty in Balton Village. When an injured man pursued by Coastal Orcs staggered out of the nearby woods, Swoop reluctantly joined his fellow guards on a journey to stop the attack.

Personality Edit

Swoop is a compulsive pickpocket, shameless coward, and constantly makes excuses for any mistakes. These traits can make him rather difficult to work with, but his skill as an archer is the real deal, and he's incredibly effective in combat. He fights for selfish reasons, looking out more for potential rewards than the safety of others.

Relationships Edit

Krixia Lor Edit

Krixia acts as the voice of reason keeping Swoop out of too much trouble and talking him down when he's being uncooperative. Swoop seems to respect Krixia, but not enough to stop himself from picking her pockets and lying to her face. Krixia responds to these behaviors with disappointment and exasperation.

Pine Cricket Edit

Swoop finds Pine's more animalistic behaviors to be "primitive" in his own words, reacting to him eating an orc with snobbish distaste rather than outright disgust. Pine was rather upset by these comments, but not enough to stop eating.

Orvar Edit

Orvar invaded Oreyara's temple so he could claim The Time Cleaver as a tribute to his imprisoned god, Gnash. This mission sent him on a collision course with Swoop and his companions, culminating in a climactic battle within the temple's reliquary. Despite his timid and cowardly nature, Swoop struck the final blow against the Tanarukk, ending the raid and saving the temple. This makes Swoop partially responsible for the power vacuum that split the Coastal Orcs.

Trivia Edit

  • Swoop speaks with a pronounced British accent. This may imply he, like Remy, originates from somewhere other than the Eastern Isles.
  • Strippin gave up the Kenku standard mimicry and forgery abilities in favor of 60 ft. night vision and the ability to turn his head 180°.
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