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Syndra is part of the Northlander clan that lives up the coast from Alivast.

When the Unexpectables first meet her, she was heavily pregnant. She went into labor during the celebration of Task's successful Man-Trial and gave birth to a son.

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Family Edit

Syndra is the wife of Bjornson, Son of Olafson. She now has three children: eldest daughter Bratya, 5-year-old son Jasil, and newborn son Lokin.

Frelda Oceanspeaker Edit

When Syndra's water broke, Bjornson and the rest of the men (including the Unexpectables) were running around in circles panicking. Gram-Gram calmly delegated midwife duty to Frelda. Though nervous about her first solo delivery, she drafted help from Panic and Greckles and successfully delivered Syndra's baby as her personal Woman-Trial to become a shaman.

Panic and Greckles Edit

"Childbirth is the most metal thing ever!" ~ Panic

Frelda drafted Panic and Greckles to help her midwife Syndra's baby. Panic used spells such as Calm Emotions and Heroism in an attempt to make the process easier. Panic's fuzzy jacket was used to bundle the baby. Greckles washed the baby after it was born and despite strong urges to pocket it, he returned him to Syndra. Syndra named the baby Lokin which means "one who is clever" as a direct reference to Panic.

Trivia Edit

  • Syndra is the fourth reference to League of Legends, based on the same name champion Syndra, other references are Ken the drunk samurai, based on Yasuo, also a drunk samurai, and Oreyara, the goddess of clockwork, based on Orianna a clockwork robot, and construct number 1, aka Might-Crank, a giant robot, based on blitzcrank, a steam-run robot
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