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Taimatsu is one of the elemental oni, representing the element of fire. He seeks to rule over the Elemental Plane of Fire with fear, coercion and what he would deem as necessary cruelty.


Taimatsu is the elemental oni of fire and is a competent fighter but has also be known to make attempts of diplomacy. Taimatsu once ruled over the elemental plane of fire, and did so with ruthlessness and indifference to his subjects. Eventually he was sealed away like the other elemental oni. Taimatsu returned with the other elemental oni when the seals were broken by stillhavity.

Taimatsu revealed to Greckles that when he was unsealed, he first travelled to the Eastern Isles and killed the husband of Yukiko. His reasoning for doing this was that he deemed it to be a symbol of gratitude towards Greckles, as Stillhavity would not have freed the Oni if the Unexpectables hadn't humiliated him.

After being in the Eastern Isles, Taimatsu returned to the elemental plane of fire and attacked with his hobgoblin army. His invasion was successful, and he corrupted the Pheonix, enslaving it to his will. He then set out to completely subjugate the populace of the elemental plane of fire.


Taimatsu is confident and speaks with authority. He believes himself to be the absolute ruler of the plane of fire, and that his methods are the only way as well as the correct way.

Taimatsu fights with both power and intelligence. He will exploit weaknesses and give himself advantages.


The Pheonix of the elemental plane of Fire[]

Taimatsu corrupted & enslaved the Pheonix. From his dialogue, it is likely that he views the Pheonix as that of a domesticated animal, and uses it as a flying mount as well as another means by which to subjugate the people of the plane.

Elemental Plane of Fire[]

Taimatsu is the Elemental Oni of this plane. His desire is to subjugate and rule the plane. Upon his release he invaded the plane with his army, killing many of the innocent inhabitants. He then took control of the Pheonix, resulting in the fire Genasi of the plane living in fear of him, and violence of his hob goblin army.