Official Unexpectables Season 3 Lineup

Official Unexpectables Season 3 Lineup. Left to right - Panic, Greckles, Borky, Task, and new addition Remy. by @CitricKing

What is The Unexpectables and Where do I Find It?

The Unexpectables is a DnD live stream hosted by the 101 club. It airs every Wednesday at 7 PM Pacific Time (Vancouver, Canada) at and is also available in podcast form on iTunes and GooglePlay. Old videos are archived at

The campaign follows the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.

Rules for Creating and Editing Articles

Be sure to organize things in this order: CHARACTER INFO/BIO at the top, RELATIONS in the middle, and TRIVIA at the bottom!

Example here!

Please use the infobox Non-Player Character and Player character! Please credit art provided in the infobox! Do not post written visual descriptions of characters if they have pictures in their infobox!

Bio: General information about the character, such as their race, how they know/met the party (spoiler free), or their general personality, goals, but not interactions

Relations: This would be information pertaining to the characters relationships with other characters! Such as friends, family, enemies and general interactions!

Trivia: This would be small facts about the characters! (Examples being: Borky is afraid of skeletons, Mel is missing two fingers on one hand, Task collects a trophy after each kill)


(Ex: Rather than "Borky has a fondness for cute, small elves and a particular Gnome Druid named Lily" write more like, "Borky once confessed to the party that he prefers elven-like races over orcs, which may be why Borky likes Lily so much")

Thank you!

- Monty

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