Background Edit

The biggest, tallest, and widest mushroom in the Mushroom Forest in the Alivast Underdark by far whose cap grazes against the cave ceiling. Between the gills of the massive fungus, the Deep Gnomes of the underdark make their home, going to and from the various gills and businesses of the Deep Gnomes both by use of rickety bridges made from repurposed insect chitin, and by flying from place to place using Giant Insects like dragonflies. The Gnomes largely avoid the fighting between the Drow and the Neogi below, picking up the scraps of the ground war, and regularly use Xorn to mine the network of caves for precious metals and gems.

The Bioshroom is currently under the watchful eye of the Beetleback dynasty, and while currently their reign has been bountiful though currently they are going through a period of duress due to the queen's voice being stolen by a Tiefling only known as "The Voicestealer". Thankfully, the King found her antithesis, the "Voicebringer" and his party of an odd mushroom, Troglodyte, and Insect, and happily sent them on their way with his full support to right this wrong.

Named Inhabitants Edit

  • King Beetleback VIII - The king of the Svirfneblin. A Jolly, rather ineffectual sort who welcomed The Unexpectables with open arms after declaring Panic the "Voicebringer", a hero sent from above.
  • Queen Beetleback - The King's wife, who is considerably braver and brasher than he is. Her voice was stolen by Euphoria.
  • Haran - Drow Scholar and Sorceror who defected from the Citadel to both study the Bioshroom and to instruct the Svirfneblin in defending themselves through magic.

Trivia Edit

  • All of the Sverfneblin who live in the Bioshroom appear to have curly hair or afros. The men also have fantastic mustaches.
  • The Deep Gnomes of the Bioshroom tend to barter for most things, though the accepted form of currency is either precious gems or silver. Paper on the other hand, is worth several times it's weight in gold.
  • The Gnomes here do not accept gold under any circumstances.
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