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The Chamber of Oakenlock is a mysterious chamber found deep underground, far beyond that of the Underbelly and the city of Alivast itself. The chamber is largely featureless and immaculate, with a seemingly impossibly tall ceiling. The only way in or out of the Chamber was through the enormous living door, who refers to itself as Oakenlock.

For what seems like centuries, the chamber was left alone, guarded only by a Major Image rune that had it's range artificially extended, conjuring ghostly figures to scare away potential intruders, until a chance discovery by Scarbles the Mistress, who had been making a network of tunnels underneath the Sweet Dragon tavern, and was terrified that she had unleashed ghosts into her tunnels. Task and Greckles finally bucked up enough courage, with help from Log, to venture down into the Chamber, discovered the Rune, and conversed with the Living Door about its history, though it was vague about who placed it there and what was beyond itself. The group returned to the surface with the intention of visiting at a later date, hopefully with the password to open Oakenlock.

Spoilers: Behind the door...
The Mercenaries the group hired to deal with Alivast's smuggler problem had eventually found their way into the chamber due to it being a convenient and well-hid location for a smuggler's den. They cleaned out the place of the smugglers, chained up the Yagnaloth running the operation in the most painful way possible, and retrieved The Unexpectables stolen items, among a host of other things. The chamber is in fact the entrance to an ancient dwarven burial site, so anthropologists have gone down to begin studying the site and to exhume artifacts, at the cost of the Sweet Dragon being closed for a few days.

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  • When someone knocks on Oakenlock, the major image rune seems to deactivate.
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