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The Hungry Bois were a group of bandits The Unexpectables encountered outside of Ginter's Folly. Their group apparently set up an impromptu extortion toll, requesting food and water from passersby. When Task informed the bandits that The Unexpectables only had enough sustenance for themselves after exiting Ginter's Folly, The Hungry Bois attacked with the intent to kill and rob them.

It did not go well...

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Jeff and Solomon Edit

Jeff mentioned that The Hungry Bois requested food from his adventuring group as they passed. Feeling sorry for the apparently hungry bandits, they gave the group a few sandwiches.

Trivia Edit

  • The name, The Hungry Bois, was coined by Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott, as well as the names for each of the individual bandits. Their true names are never revealed.
  • According to Welch one of The Hungry Bois, presumably the leader, is named Murice.
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