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The Straightforward Good Time (SFGT) is a masseuse and spa attendant at the Romansion.  She is a hulking, six-foot tall, faceless construct made mostly of steel, and speaks in a bubbly, feminine voice. She is very proficient at her job and surprisingly gentle, but is rather mechanical in her approach. The biggest issue is that her steel hands are a little chilly.

The Straightforward Good Time was a combat prototype created by Artimus and designated Construct 55. Her design originally had her covered by intimidating spikes, along with a featureless faceplate that only had a single aperture, further showing the intention of being used for battle. Like Steve (Construct 67) and Big Guy (Construct 8), The SFGT decided to follow a calling that deviated from her original purpose, with her new guiding desire to "make love." In late fall, after working with the Romansion for a few months, SFGT made an appointment with Nine to have her spikes filed down and her faceplate modified to appear more friendly and inviting (although it is still fairly plain). She has since become very popular, and is noted to be excelling in her craft.

Personality Edit

Despite her hulking build and cold exterior, SFGT is incredibly friendly and amicable. Though she was clearly designed for war, SFGT has abandoned her creator's violent intentions and chosen to pursue love instead. She's very polite and gentile while giving massages and seems to take great pride in her work.

Relationships Edit

Panic Grimtongue Edit

Panic received her services, accepting them without pause, and more than a little bit of enthusiasm. He was not put off by her harsh exterior, and responded to her introduction with "I like (her) already!" Later, during a chance encounter at Nine's shop, she informed Panic that she and Zeus (who missed him very much) would love to see him at the Romansion again. Panic inquired about her when visited the Romansion after a night out drinking with Hammergnar and the police, but he was informed that unfortunately it was her night off.


  • Takahata101 believes SFGT would be a excellent stand name.
  • In response to a Q&A question, Monty confirmed that The SFGT identifies as female.
  • Monty referred to her as Construct 55 in Q&A, though this has not been revealed in game.
  • SFGT is the second Construct who desired to understand love, the first being Suplex Thunder.
  • Due to the SFGT being too large and incapable of swimming, she is one of the only escorts in the Romansion not trained at Canary's Perch
  • Apparently her call-in rate is "insane."
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