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"I'm never coming back here." ~ Panic after his first visit

The Underbelly is a thieves' den and the location of the Crimson Pit, an underground fighting ring. The Underbelly is located beneath the streets of Alivast and can be accessed via the city's sewer system. This city beneath the city has its own guards, clerics, and rules. It is controlled by Avryman with Tiengo as their right hand and enforcer.

The Underbelly served as an impromptu refugee camp when the United Clergy of Orun was in Alivast because of that groups history of killing certain races on sight.

Inside the walls of Alivast, the Underbelly is the hub of organized criminal activity and brutally stamps out competition. Averyman and Tiengo are the leaders, and there are a variety of factions and gangs that work under the umbrella of the two. If they use the sewers for their activities and make gold, they send a cut to the two or else they are eliminated without a second thought.

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