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Orc Barbarian
concept art by @CitricKing

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Kenku Rogue
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Panic Grimtongue

Tiefling Bard
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Kobold Ranger
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The Unexpectables[]

Weapons fan art by @ThatJacksArt Raunfalt, Remy's rapier, Frost Bane, Copy Cutter, and the Scary Acid Dagger of Stab. The pool of water represents Zenrio.

The Unexpectables is an adventuring party that operates out of the City of Alivast. They were originally hired and owned by Abacus Fleetfinger, but were recently sold and are currently under the management of Solliandris. The guild consists of:

They have formed a guild centered at the Sweet Dragon tavern, which they own. They are notorious in Alivast, for heroic actions in the city's defense, taking on jobs benefiting the community, and also for and creating a public disturbance, destruction of property, assault, grand theft donkey cart, public indecency, resisting arrest, and drifting without a permit. After this incident, the group has redoubled their efforts to do good for the city. They have since assisted Remus Corbeau in delivering a pressing message to Aila Balton, foiled the machinations of a were-rat cult alongside Captain Doros, recovered a missing fugitive, rescued the Cast of the Phantom and the Solder from the Bladefoot Pirates, volunteered at Eve's Meadow Academy, cleared a soap shop of its boggle infestation, rescued the kidnapped Cynthia, and agreed to assist the Conjurer's Corner in acquiring an important magical item. These four assisted the Civilian Guard on a covert operation to dismantle a sect of Eltmur Royalists who had been terrorizing the city. As reward for their valiant deed, their criminal records have been wiped completely clean. They aided residents of Humbrack Village when they were besieged by an outlaw organization, and they also acted heroically in defense of the city when it was intentionally and "unintentionally" attacked by dragons.

The Unexpectables have recently been approved for a guild contract that allows them to bring on adventuring contractors to perform low-level quests in their name. These freelancers can be paid in AC, gold, or, regrettably, exposure.

After being suspended from the Vetrion military, the ex-gryphon rider Remus Corbeau attached himself to the group, joining the founding members on their missions for a time. Remus has since been recommissioned as a gryphon rider serving as part of the air patrol over the city itself, although he still hangs out with the group from time to time.

The Unexpectables also served as instrumental witnesses in a tribunal case against the United Clergy of Orun that found the Paraton-based organization guilty of war crimes against the city. Notable in their evidence was the recovery of swords belonging to Alivast-based captains who had gone missing over past months and the presentation of a prisoner of war, Leonel.

Known Associates[]

Despite being of good character, these individuals have associated with The Unexpectables for short periods of time.

The Unexpectables Season 1, official art by @StarPyrate

  • Remy, a noble gryphon rider often confused for a regular member of the group.
  • Airivine, a cartographer known for her fiendish good looks.
  • Lilly, a gnome protector of the wilds.

Current Enemies[]

People or creatures who are enemies with the Unexpectables as a group. These are the recurring antagonists of the campaign.


  • Among the damages caused by the confrontation with the United Clergy of Orun were:
    • 2 Produce Stalls
    • 1 Wagon
    • 2 Donkeys that require therapy
    • A "plethora" of produce
    • Injuries to Montgomery Gnomelton, Scarlet Grey, and Havard Mole.
    • 1 Original Picatzzo reclining nude dwarf oil painting with 1 light hippogrif bone frame.
    • The total cost was 2,653 gold pieces, paid out of pocket by Task.
  • SkyBlueShinx has composed an unofficial theme for The Unexpectables and an official intro version of the theme.
  • Pennoink created an 8-bit version of the official intro by SkyBlueShinx
  • @TravisCareyPro recorded a parody version of the Muppet Show theme with Unexpectables-related lyrics composed by @pr0bait.

Unexpectables Intro (animainiacs parody)

  • Before the campaign began, the players were asked if they wanted a more serious, grimdark campaign, or if they wanted a more fanciful world. The more fanciful world won out.
  • Every character has accidentally hurt another character with a projectile weapon. This is known as the "Circle of Friendly Fire".

The Circle of Friendly Fire (The Unexpectables Animatic)

The Circle of Friendly Fire fan animatic by KikiCantDraw