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The Unpredictables is a group that has participated in two one-shot adventures. The first occurred in December of 2017 and was not streamed or recorded for public consumption. The second was a direct continuation of the first one-shot, picking up immediately where it left off. This second event was on April 25th, 2018 and was streamed and recorded as part of the weekly Unexpectables stream as a backup feature when Gajin Goomba was travelling and Chris Zito had an event he wished to attend.

The games take part in the Northlands approximately 50 years prior to the exploits of The Unexpectables. In their first adventure, the group explored a haunted mansion to find the source of a magical blizzard. In their second adventure, they encountered a fishing village of penguin kenku who had been encased in magical ice, and they scaled a mountain to confront the fey creature believed to be the cause.

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Unpredictables fan art by @CitricKing

Aussir, Valcenien, Snowflower, and Ghost. Fan art by @CitricKing

The Unpredictables fan art by @ForteSP89

The Unpredictables fan art by @ForteSP89

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