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Thomas is a newborn infant living in Humbrack village with his mother Anna. Their simple life together was changed when the hag Mirehair kidnapped the child. While absconding with the newborn however, Mirehair ran afoul of Anje, who soundly trounced the hag and took Thomas to safety. The Unexpectables later found Thomas in Anje's care and managed to convince the towering creature to relinquish the child to them.

Though Thomas seems like any other human child, there is a truth that lays beneath the surface. Thomas is a shapeshifter, and the progeny of Avryman, though the magical abilities of his origin will likely not manifest until he begins to enter adulthood.

When Monster's Culling came hunting Thomas, Anna fled with him, but was gravely wounded by an arrow. Anje got her to his cave, but lacked the skills to remove the arrow and heal her. Fortunately, The Unexpectables arrived and were able to save her in time.

After the defeat of the Culling, Anna and Thomas were taken by Tiengo and Quarion to a safe house in Alivast.

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Anna Edit

Anna is Thomas' mother, and the only family he seems to have at the moment.

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Anje recovered Thomas from his kidnapper and took the child with them for the sake of safety. However, while Anje recognized Thomas as a baby, they seemed unable to discern what sort of baby due to lack of contact with other beings.

Tony Edit

"Its half of Anna. And if its half of Anna, then I can love all of it." ~ Tony

Tony was originally paid by Quarion on behalf of Avryman to watch over Thomas and report back on his safety. Tony fell in love with Anna, and loves Thomas as well. Anje recognizes Tony as Thomas' father despite the lack of a blood relationship.

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Unexpectables Anna and Thomas fan art by @Fenrir Lives

Unexpectables (with Remy), Anna and Thomas fan art by @Fenrir_Lives

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