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Tony is a blacksmith living in Humbrack village . He primarily seems to smith tools and horseshoes, though he appears to also produces weapons for the army and other buyers. Tony first encountered The Unexpectables when the group arrived to the village after a kidnapping of a baby by a hag. He is the de facto leader of the village apparently due to his caring and community-minded nature.

Tony was able to drive off Grandma Leecha by shooting her with an arrow when the hag attempted to kidnap Sarah.

When the village was occupied by Monster's Culling, Tony was the one to stand up in defense of Anna and Thomas. He was deemed "crazy" for electing to protect a monster, so the hunters shackled him in place in the middle of town. After being starved, he was set to be executed. However, the disguised Panic was able to free him from his bindings and Greckles distracted his pursuer long enough for him to flee to safety. When Lobo's forces arrived to take Thomas, Tony joined the group at the cave where the party and Anje were preparing to make their last stand to protect mother and child.

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Tony is a very fatherly figure to Anna and Thomas especially, but also cares deeply about the other citizens of the village.

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Anna and Thomas Edit

"Its half of Anna. And if its half of Anna, then I can love all of it." ~ Tony

Tony is very protective of the distressed Anna, treating her in a very calm, gentle manner. After the attack by Monsters Culling, he reveals to the party that he was contacted by Quarion and paid to send back regular reports about their safety. Prior to the appearance of the hunters Tony did not know Thomas' true nature and thought that he was the bastard child of a rich noble. When Anna and Thomas are taken to live in one of Avryman's safe-houses in Alivast, it becomes clear that Tony deeply loves Anna and Thomas. When Panic asks him how he can love a changeling child that isn't his, Tony tells him that he loves Anna, and since Thomas is half her, he can love all of him.

Panic Edit

Upon learning that Tony cared deeply about Anna and Thomas, Panic gave him Anna's sending stone necklace so that he had a way of communicating with her. Panic was deeply affected by Tony's ability to love a child that wasn't his own race.

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Anje recognizes Tony as a dad to Thomas and honors him as such.

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