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"Dragons are the best and worst of all things, and in some ways, that's amazing." ~ Tranquilisaint

Tranquilisaint is a large, elderly Gold Dragonborn with intense scars on his left side including a missing eye, horn, and nails ripped from his fingers. He was badly injured over a lifetime of fighting Dragon Cultists. He wears simple beige robes.

He works as a cleric or high priest for the Orthoc temple, giving advice to those who seek it, and instructs those who come to the temple on how to properly consult the Dragon Mirror. He is often seen meditating in front of it.

Upon Task's return to the temple, he told Task the tale of Orthoc and Innstroc, and revealed that he had in fact little time left in this world, imploring Task to look after his daughter when his time at long last came.

Tranquilisaint passed away shortly before the Unexpectables returned from their trip to Tracadia. He had a funeral procession and was laid to rest by the Hoketh clergy in a spot near the Orthoc Temple which is marked by a small statue of him in his youth and full health. His funeral was attended by a large number of dragonborn and several others.

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True to form for a priest of Orthoc, Tranquilisaint was wise and introspective. He lived a great many years and used this experience to best help those who came looking for it. He was calm and serene, and as he meditated, he would often chant a mantra of "I am humbled" over and over in draconic. In his twilight years, he feared his mind beginning to slip, and for his daughter.

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Task Edit

Task first met him as the priest is meditating in the temple of Orthoc. Tranquilisaint recognized Task as being from Iron Oath and revealed he had a great deal of knowledge and wisdom about kobolds. He also informed Task of Tarusk's true nature as a spirit ripped from another plane and bound to the Whistle of the Scale Guard. He also told Task that in the beginning, dragons were gods and there was only one of each type of dragon.

Upon their second meeting, Tranquilisaint expounded upon the myth of dragons being "Humbled" by mortality. When he had a brief episode of pain, he implored Task to befriend Athena when his time came.

Task was fortunately informed of Tranquilisaint's passing by Greckles who literally ran into his funeral procession. Upon hearing the news, he immediately sought out Athena at her father's resting place.

Athena Edit

Athena is Tranquilisaint's daughter. He believes her to be ready to take over his duties as leader of the Orthoc temple in Alivast, as he believed his time was at long last upon him. And he was right.

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