Background Edit

Trashfire is a female bluescale kobold who lives near the Alivast Docks in the bluescale kobold colony. She works with Saber and Fishgut as a fish-cleaner, a skill she's very good at.

Trashfire met Task after he decided to speak with his own kind, and made friends with him... in her own special way. She also joined him, Saber, and Fishgut for drinks afterwards at the Bottom Dollar.

Personality Edit

Trashfire is extremely direct and somewhat impatient. Speaking in curt, short sentences that are matter of fact and shows nearly no emotion. As a result, she comes off as a bit odd.

Relationships Edit

Fishgut and Saber Edit

Fishgut is the unofficial leader of the group between themselves and Saber. They all work at the docks.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ladies love Trashfire, though it is unknown whether Trashfire loves the ladies.
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