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Updraft Valley is a deep fissure in the earth to the west of Outreach Vineyard and east of Hellmouth's Grave. It is about 60 feet across and runs for miles in a roughly southwest to northeast orientation. The northern side of the fissure rises about 40-50 feet above the southern side presenting a sheer cliff face.

The feature was formed by some great tectonic upheaval that split the terrain and tilted the bedrock up to form the sheer face. This upheaval also created tunnels below that channel air currents into a constant violent gale that forms a wall of wind shooting up from the chasm - the updraft that gives the feature its name.

The wind is strong enough to blow rocks, debris, and even full grown adults aloft. Both Greckles and Digsby were tossed about by the blasting air and fell a substantial distance when they were blown out of rising column. Birds congregate in the flow, enjoying being able to stay aloft without expending energy. The constant moving air has blasted the rock on the northern edge over eons to form a layer of sand.

The bottom of the chasm is shrouded in darkness and its depth is unknown.

The land on the northern side of the chasm slopes down in a grassy plain with wild horses, and pools of water that are completely harmless.

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