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The ursaiphon is a very large magical creature that lived in the depths of the dwarven ruins behind The Chamber of Oakenlock that was brought to the surface by Alivastian Archaeologists, who unintentionally let it loose inside the Sweet Dragon. The Unexpectables were instrumental in it's re-capture, though not without the pain of lost spell slots and plenty of chaos.

The ursaiphon resembles best an enormous pangolin with course, deep green fur instead of scale, culminating in a marble-looking mask that has no eyes or mouth, surrounded by a mane of even darker green fur. The ursaiphon cannot see as a normal creature would, and instead sees the world through the Detect Magic spell, only seeing things that are highlighted as enchanted or innately magical. The ursaiphon's diet appears to be entirely based on "drinking" the magic out of people, creatures, and objects, and it's singleminded goal is largely to feed from large sources of magic. Once the magic is gone from the person/object/creature, it cannot perceive it anymore, and immediately loses interest.

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The ursaiphon is sluggish due to it's infrequent diet, though it will pursue it's main food source to the best of it's ability. When properly fed and attention's kept, the ursaiphon is quite docile.

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The Unexpectables Edit

The party had to find themselves dealing with the ursaiphon quite suddenly when the Town Guard and the archaeologists down in the Chamber of Oakenlock ended up losing control of the beast and setting it "free" inside their tavern. Everyone had a hand in it's capture, but none more so than Panic and Task, who gave up nearly every spell slot of their day in order to placate the creature and lure it into a waiting cage outside the establishment. It was also Panic and Task who ended up "workshopping" the name of the creature.

Trivia Edit

  • The name ursaiphon is a Portmanteau of the Words "Ursa" (meaning "Bear), and "Siphon" (in reference to it's diet and how it obtains it).
  • For a brief, shining moment, Borky's suggestion of Spongeboi was in the aether before being struck down by pretty much everyone.
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