Chehalem and Froggie, art by @Tired_Vampyr

One of my IRL jobs is collecting oral history from elders and doing historical research. Adding to this wiki isn't too different, though it has its own challenges.

I tend to edit late at night when I'm too tired to sleep.

No one seems to be able to say my name. That's ok. Its an English bastardization of a French bastardization of a Tualatin Kalapuya word meaning "the outside place". The way its commonly prounounced is sheh-HAY-lem.

In the original language it involves a T and at least one umlaut and I can't say it right.

I love The Unexpectables. This group has provided my family and me with hours of entertainment. I do this out of love, and the occasional praise.

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Wiki Mom fan art by @ImwithstupidNI

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