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  • I live in some place with lots of good food.
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am male

Who am I? I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind~

Ahem. Christian rock band parodies aside, I am Hfar. That's pronounced "Huh-far" for anyone curious (think of the word "Far" only you exhale when you pronounce the F), but "H-far" is also acceptable. Honestly, pronounce however you feel like. I'm genuinely curious what people come up with.

Anywho, beyond that I'm a certified wiki monkey with a good mind for organization. As long as you're not a troll or don't act like a ass hat, we should get along fine.


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